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A learning Outcomes model for mentoring adjunct faculty

Maybee, R. (2015). A learning Outcomes model for mentoring adjunct faculty. In A. A. Howley, & M. B. Trube (Eds.), Mentoring for the professions : Orienting toward the future (pp. 187-203)

After a brief overview of recent literature concerning adjunct faculty needs, Maybee puts forward a practical approach to mentoring adjunct faculty.  Maybee asserts that using the learning outcomes model presented in this article “can foster an effective, interactive, and dynamic mentor-mentee relationship” (p.201).  Using a combination of learning tools and learning outcomes to establish a sense of accountability he develops a program for more successful collaboration between the mentor and mentee.  Five communication tools are given to assist the reader in developing a program of adjunct faculty development.  These include: building rapport and community with full-time instructors and other adjuncts; constructive evaluation of adjunct teaching and class management; seeking alternative methods, attitudes, and techniques; maintaining accountability for action plans, progress, introspection, and evaluation.  Learning outcomes forming the basis of the plan can include demonstrating successful learner-centered teaching strategies, improved classroom/course management, and improved teaching by applying technology.  Maybee offers a completed model to assist the reader, and suggestions on building your own model based on the individual needs of mentors and mentees.