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The experience of adjunct and full-time faculty participation in a public university teacher education department

Aker, C. M. (2010). The experience of adjunct and full-time faculty  participation in a public university teacher education department (Ph.D.). Available from ProQuest Education Journals. (753498131).

This doctoral dissertation delves into the question of adjunct and full-time faculty in one specific university and one specific department, perceive their participation in the campus community.  This qualitative study looked at the community of practice with the teacher education department using in-depth interviews with seven faculty members, 3 adjunct and 4 full-time.  Through interpretive phenomenology, Aker determines that the adjunct faculty members did not perceive their participation in departmental activities as affecting their instruction, whereas, full-time faculty felt that it did influence their instruction.  Concerns were raised over the apparent lack of adjunct input during discussions of current information about teacher preparation. The concern was not only over the lack of the adjuncts receiving the information, but since many of them are also practitioners, there was a sense of missed opportunity in not receiving their input. Other areas of investigation included what resources were used by both groups and how various experiences (both personal and work related) affected participation. Recommendations for action from this research include determining what the career goals are of both full-time and adjuncts; departmental products, processes, documentation should be available to all to help create and revise; meetings which both ranks can attend should be held when possible to help increase participation; and faculty mentor, materials, and other resources should be made available to both ranks.