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Adjunct Commuterweekly.com

While this blog was done as part of a course assignment, I will occasionally continue to add materials that I find relevant to this topic.  Recently, in the Chronicle of Higher Education I came across the Adjunct Commuter Weekly.  In this online publication (one edition of the printed version is available) you will find many personal stories of the adjunct (from the many different definitions of adjunct!)



My foray into adjunct life

Houlihan, I. (2009). My foray into adjunct life. Chronicle of Higher Education, 55(25), A40-A41. http://chronicle.com/article/My-Foray-Into-Adjunct-Life/44862/

This short, personal narrative is an interesting look at the life of an adjunct through the eyes of a recently tenured professor.  In a short four pages he describes poignant moments of understanding concerning the working environment of the adjunct.  From a very different mixture of students to interactions with colleagues, his experience gave him a greater respect for adjuncts working in his home college.

Adjunct … and loving it

Goedde, B. (2014). Adjunct … and loving it. Chronicle of Higher Education, 60(26), 6-6. http://chronicle.com/article/Adjunct-Loving-It/145109/

In this first-hand account of being an online adjunct the author begins by thinking he is “getting away with something” as the working conditions in Taiwan were much less stressful than in the United States.  He acknowledges that learning can happen, simultaneously with other life events.  Goedde also realized that living in Tawain he was a happy adjunct because his wage was livable.  His feeling about adjuncting changed when he returned to the United States where things cost more.  Goedde chose to continue teaching most of his classes online because the “convenience is unbeatable”.