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Delphi Project-Dispelling_the_Myths

Kezar, A., & Maxey, D. Delphi Project-Dispelling_the_Myths – DelphiProject-Dispelling_the_Myths.pdf Retrieved from http://www.uscrossier.org/pullias/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/DelphiProject-Dispelling_the_Myths.pdf

Especially useful links such as, Resources and Tool Kits: Example Change Processes and Practices at  http://examplepractices.thechangingfaculty.org/ make this resource a practical guide for the adjunct manager.  The authors, Kezar and Maxey, go through a detailed list of examples of no-cost, low-cost and more costly options for supporting adjunct faculty.  After each one of the sections they provide additional resources to either support or help implement their recommendations.  For leaders this is a document that can be used as a road-map to creating a more uniformly supported faculty, increasing the chance of student success within the institution. For managers of adjuncts, these recommendations are backed up with research and examples that can be used when appealing to leadership for more resources to support adjuncts.   The Delphi Project website http://www.thechangingfaculty.org/ is a must for those managers seeking to learn about the changing nature of the academic workforce.