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Adjunct faculty morale and faculty development

Colasanti, L. M. (1991). Adjunct faculty morale and faculty development. Burlington, VT: Burlington College, VT. Retrieved from http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED415766.pdf

This 1991 FIPSE grant report details how the administration at a small (200 students), all-adjunct faculty, college investigated morale and development among the adjunct faculty and developed a program to improve both. Using a series of ten interdisciplinary seminars to bring together 32 faculty to discuss issues in teaching and learning across the curriculum.  In addition, 53 faculty were given a questionnaire asking them to rate on both the importance and satisfaction they had with 41 different items. The research identified areas of faculty morale and development that could be improved.  Just as importantly they identified where the gaps between faculty expectations and satisfaction were. The resultant changes in the institution’s support for their faculty and faculty development have proven beneficial.